Publicizing Internship Vacancies

If you wish to publish an internship vacancy please fill in the digital form at the foot of this page.

Procedure for publicizing vacancies

  1. Click here to complete the form (first select the theme ‘Economics and Management’, you can then click on one or more fields of study)

    For an internship period with an international character, you can use the language section option.

    This option only works by using the browser Firefox, Chrome or Edge.

  2. On the form you can enter the date on which the vacancy should be visible on the internal vacancy site, as well as the date on which the vacancy should disappear from the list.  If you do not fill in an expiration date, your offer will remain visible on the site, without further notice, for three months.

  3. If the information you have provided seems to meet the objectives and conditions Economics and Management has formulated, you will receive a message from us that the vacancy is suitable for Internship I, a Traineeship or a Graduation Project.

  4. Afterwards the assignment will be publicized on the internal vacancy site.