Publicizing Internship Vacancies

If you wish to publish an internship vacancy please fill in the digital form at the foot of this page.

Procedure for publicizing vacancies

1.     Fill in the form (with any additional information about your company) and mail it to (please mail Facility Management internships to ).

2.     If the information meets the aims and conditions of the Faculty of Economics and Management, we will let you know whether the internship will be an Internship I or a graduation internship.

3.     The internship vacancy will then be posted on the internal internship site.

Digital form

Simply download the Dutch version of the vacancy form. This English version vacancy form download the form can be used for internships in international settings.

Save the completed form and send it as an e-mail attachment to  (please mail Facility Management internships to ).

You yourself can state on the form when the internship vacancy is to be posted on the internal site and when it is to be removed. If you do not provide an expiry date and if we receive no further instructions, the vacancy will remain on the site for 3 months.

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