Institute for Marketing and Commerce

Commercial Economics

Sales and Marketing Management

Students in this degree programme must be able to clearly define a problem or policy question in a variety of organisations in typical professional CE situations and be able to process, study and report on this problem in a systematic and structured way. The student therefore needs to plan and carry out necessary research and generate and implement recommendations, as well as issue reports and deliver presentations in the correct or appropriate manner. This requires the student to integrate professional disciplines and to have the ability to conduct problem-oriented work, along with skills such as creativity and social communicative competence and a sense of social responsibility.

Graduates of this specialisation usually go on to find professional work within a (branch of) the field of marketing (management). Experience shows that job opportunities for CE graduates are not only offered within the business community; in recent years, more and more CE graduates are being asked to fulfil roles within non-profit organisations. 

Creative Industries

The programme is acutely aware of the growth and developments currently taking place in the area of communication, media and design - with particular focus on the Utrecht region - and tries to support companies in the Creative Industries through education and research, so as to deliver better quality students who would like to work for this sector; students who can deal with change and are creatively educated, while not losing sight of the business aspect of things.