Institute for Marketing and Commerce

Commercial Economics

Sales and Marketing Management

Most graduates in this specialization pursue a career in marketing or marketing management. In recent years more and more CE graduates have been employed by non-profit-making as well as profit-making organizations.

Sport and Entertainment Marketing

Sport and Entertainment is a rapidly growing sector with an increasing need for professionals. The SEM programme focuses primarily on the commercial aspects of sport and entertainment organizations. The modules include marketing management, communication and sales in the sport and entertainment industry.

Leisure and Event Marketing

People nowadays want to make productive use of their spare time so they are spending a larger share of their income on leisure activities. And being willing to invest more, they have higher expectations: they want ‘immersion’ in an ‘experience’. A stronger trend towards the marketing of events and unique experiences is appearing in some business sectors. Students who opt for Leisure and Event Marketing will learn how to make leisure time consistently interesting for their target groups and to develop and manage commercially feasible and exciting leisure time products.

AD Assistant Marketeer

The Assistant Marketeer Associate Degree programme trains students for support positions in marketing and sales. The current curriculum is geared to the professional profile and tasks of the Assistant Marketeer.

It is important for AD students to work in hands-on situations where they can test their theoretical knowledge at the coalface. As the programmes need to be as practical as possible, each AD student is required to complete a ten-week internship in the second year. This internship marks the completion of the study, as there are no official final projects for AD programmes.

There are three options for the Assistant Marketeer AD internship:

  • External internships in groups of 3-4 at an SME in the region.
  • Individual internships as in the Bachelor’s programmes.
  • A business plan for a private business.

In principle Option 1 is preferred. The AD Coordinator will decide in the case of students who have particular reasons for choosing Option 2 or 3.

International Business and Languages

  • Export Management
  • Marketing Communication

IBL students are trained for management positions in companies that operate internationally or in an international business environment. These companies may be based in the Netherlands or abroad.
Depending on the chosen field of study, the student will work in Marketing, Marketing Communication or Export Management.