Institute for Business Administration

Management, Economics and Law

  • Business & Information Management
  • Business & Human Resources Management
  • Commercial Business Administration
  • Public Sector Management

Graduates in Management, Economics and Law have many options open to them. They can work in large or small companies, for profit- and non-profit-making organizations and in the public sector. Typical posts include junior project leader, P&O policy officer, junior corporate consultant, legal advisor and independent entrepreneur.

Logistics and Management

Logistics involves a lot more than the transportation and storage of goods. Sales, purchasing, marketing, administration, communication, automation, production and transport are all very closely intertwined. It is the job of the logistics manager to seamlessly coordinate all these processes. Most of the time this is a complicated task as a change in one area has automatic repercussions on others. So, the logistics manager will always have to weigh up the advantages of a solution against the knock-on effects in the chain.

Business Management

The Business Management programme, which was started in September 2007, trains students for management positions in the SME sector, mainly in business services and trade. The programme has a strong practical component and involves a unique combination of work and learning. Starting from September in their second year, students attend classes two days a week and spend the other three gaining work experience in a business.

The activities involve the following disciplines:

  • Business Economics
  • Strategic Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Personnel Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Tactical and Operational Planning.
  • Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Management ability plays a key role. Students must learn to successfully develop and apply leadership and to coach and communicate effectively. They are trained to become true 'business managers' in small and medium-sized enterprises (the SME sector).