How the Internship Office works

Before the start of the internship assignment

Because of the internship assignments have a strong practical focus, students are encouraged to independently organize their own internships. The Internship Office assists them by providing an intranet application and an internship vacancies site which lists the internships on offer in companies and organizations. The Internship Office is open during office hours so that students can get advice on how to arrange internships.


During the internship

Your details are entered in our relationship management systems so that we can approve, organize and manage the internships in your company or organization. At the start of the internship, you will be sent an overview with information on the student and the academic supervisor, as well as your own details.


We send you information periodically, which includes progress and assessment forms as well as lists of return dates for students, meetings with company supervisors, etc.


After the internship

You will receive an appraisal form at the end of the internship. These appraisals are systematically analysed so that we can continue to monitor and improve quality.