What is reasonable remuneration?

Remuneration is a matter for the student and the client and has nothing to do with HU. However, as we get regular questions from clients on remuneration arrangements for interns, we have compiled a few guidelines:

  • It is reasonable for the client to reimburse the student for any expenses, such as travel and accommodation costs, incurred during the internship.
  • As many students are no longer able to do part-time work during the internship, a monthly remuneration seems reasonable.
  • On average, companies offer interns net monthly remuneration of 300 - 500 euros. The minimum remuneration in the event of a contract of employment (working period) is the minimum youth loan. 
  • The "bonus" is becoming increasingly popular. If the client is pleased with the results at the end of the project he can pay the intern a bonus as a gesture of appreciation. Both the client and the student are perfectly entitled to profit from the relationship.

How much does it cost to publicize an internship vacancy?

Nothing at all. Internship vacancies are posted on the internal site free of charge.

Who can view my internship vacancy?

The internship vacancies can be viewed only by Economic and Management students and staff who log on to the site.

How long will my internship vacancy stay on the site?

You can state on the digital form how long you want the internship vacancy to remain on the site. If you do not enter an expiry date on the form the vacancy will stay on the site until further notice or up to a maximum of three months.

The internship vacancy that I want to offer is available several times a year. Do I have to fill in a new form every time?

An internship vacancy that is available several times a year can be placed permanently on the site. If you wish, it can remain on the list or it can be placed temporarily off-line.